What It Takes to Own A Vietnam Visa


Vietnam is home to three international airport each located at Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi in which foreigners are allowed to use in order to enter the inner parts of the country. Unless they are a citizen of Vietnam, foreigners still need to acquire Vietnam Visa. Foreigners are required to have or own a Vietnam visa for them to be allowed to visit and roam different parts of the country. Visiting the country of Vietnam should already be enough for you to go ahead and acquire a Vietnamese visa.

Arranging your application for a Vietnam visa online should be done long before you proceed on your visit to the country. A way for you to get your hands on that Vietnamese visa is to apply for the Approval letter online first. The Approval letter will be sent to you through email then that is where you will get Visa Stamped on your passports when you arrive to Vietnam. Vietnam serves the country’s visitors with a different than the usual physical form of visas, instead they give this thing called Vietnam Visa On Arrival or VOA.

The Vietnam Visa on Arrival however, is not a full visa. Know more about this through the site at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/03/how-to-get-a-visa_n_4373745.html. A person is employed once you have been sent the email containing the Approval letter to fetch the official Letter of approval for you once you have arrived on the airport’s Vietnam Visa on Arrival counters.

People who have chosen to get a Single-entry visa is provided with two time frames different from each other. The single-entry visas are both available in 30 day and 90 day periods. Both of the time frame choices available comes with a 45 US dollar service fee. Unlike a single-entry visa however, the multiple-entry variant of the visa with less than 30 day time frame is worth 65 US dollars. For a multiple-entry visa offering more than a 30 day time frame, it will cost you around 95 US dollars. However if you are planning on a stay for more than a month, there is visa valid for six months but costs 135 US dollars.

There are some certain parts on which you have to be part on including the providing of important details about your nationality for this is a requirement to have a progress on your application for a full visa. You can learn about it when you go to the site at vietnamvisacheap.net. VOA agents have a service fee of 9 US dollars or higher, it depends on what type and how urgent you would want to have a full-visa for your stay in Vietnam.

If you are on a tour, your tour operators may also offer cut-offs from charging you on your VOA application if you have applied for one.


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